The importance of a Will – especially with blended families!
August 14, 2019

As usual, the answer is “it depends” on the situation. But, in general, if an Arizona routine probate is required, and there is nothing “unusual” in the situation, you can expect the process to take a minimum of five months and up to two years.  Most of the routine probates are finished and closed within 6 months.  But, in the informal process (meaning a routine probate), a qualified person can be named as the Personal Representative of the Estate immediately upon filing the proper documents with Superior Court and approval by the Probate Registrar.  Once appointed Personal Representative (PR), the PR can start administering the estate by paying debts, placing property for sale, gathering assets, gaining access to the deceased’s bank accounts, etc.  In theory, the PR can immediately start distributing assets to the rightful beneficiaries.  But, caution should be used.  In an Arizona probate process, creditors will have up to 4 months after the first publication of notice to creditors to file a claim against the estate.  A PR should be very comfortable there are no outstanding debts before distributing assets to heirs. 

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